Mar 18, 2011

I'm not myself

 I want to be a wine bottle
to a lover in pain.
I want to be a forgotten flower in a book.
I want to have four nationalities and one home.
I want to carry a bag on my back that only fits my mother.
I want to put my lovers in my pocket
So I could kiss them every minute.
I want to create many children from my shoes.
I want to move my hand on my father's beard
Without remembering that he will wake up some day
And not find me!

I want to send many emails
telling people how much deception there is in them.
I want him to stand on the edge of my scream,
One shot from my lung would make him fall upward!
I want to change my soul like I change my clothes
I want it to be diffused with the smell of washing detergents.
I want to throw language away from my room,
Like a rotten coughing sock.
I want to tell the Oud player
That he is punishing the strings with his thick fingers.
I want to be shown exclusively on the screens of happiness.
I want to be fought by sadness.
I want it to be a censor, and am a frightening book.

I want to walk in a demonstration against myself.


  1. Good morning Mona, I was reading in your blog when I read the sentence: "I want to be a forgotten flower in a book", you won't believe it.
    I have this flower in an old book since 1985, I still don't know why I keep it, it doesn't belong to me but I borrowed the book from a friend and years was passing too fast.
    Have a nice weekend. :)

  2. Mona, I just found your blog by something you posted on facebook! I like your poetry and what you're doing. Keep it up!